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on living with Harvest Gold countertops for over 14 years:

In Harvest Gold, Moving on March 8, 2011 at 4:54 PM

I moved into my new place last Tuesday.  Then I spent several days back in New York. When I returned yesterday afternoon, I thought my kitchen looked weird.  For a moment, I thought someone had come in and redone the countertops while I was away.  They seemed so . . . white.  It was then that I realized the silver lining to the Harvest Gold countertops I lived with in my Manhattan apartment for 14 and a half years: just about anything else looks amazing in comparison!

This seems like a fine time to inquire, once again, why a kitchen done in the mid-eighties at the EARLIEST had Harvest Gold anything?  When I moved in, I also had a Harvest Gold stove and dishwasher.  Happily for me, the dishwasher had a panel that could be flipped from Harvest Gold on one side to white on the other.  And the stove died a few years into my occupancy and was replaced by a white one.  I am sure that Harvest Gold and Avocado Green are all retro and cool now, but I thought they were ugly in the 1970’s and I think they are ugly today and I feel confident that nothing and no one can change my mind on this particular subject.

Click here for a trip down memory lane:

  1. The house I grew up in had original 1930’s bathroom fixtures, in a bracing minty green in one bathroom and a sunny lemon yellow in another. They’re still there, too 😉

    I doubt I’ll ever install a bathroom fixture in any color other than white….


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